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To effectively make change we gather as much information as possible. We use the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), this will identify underlying causes of imbalances that lead to a plethora of symptoms and disorders. This will be the 1st phase of your Head 2 Toe Change!


Once we have the evaluation complete we then can educate you on how to see, buy, and prepare your food. This will be the second phase of your Head 2 Toe Change!


After Evaluation and Education it’s time for Consistency! We will provide you with the tools to make the physical changes while guiding you on reaching your goals. Together we can succeed! Consistency is the key to a lifestyle change.


After the first 3 phases comes success, we can’t guarantee the road will be easy but we can say the results will give an overall improvement to your health and well being.

About Head 2 Toe Change

Consistency is the key to a lifestyle change!

Head 2 Toe Change (H2TC) is a private healthcare membership association. Its primary function serves to keep its members well- informed and updated about clean (healthy & non-toxic) food as well as environmental changes and necessary life-style modifications to stay healthy in a toxic world.

H2TC members learn to be proactive and aware of the health-depleting foods vs. health-enhancing foods – “You are what you eat” – a true statement.

Dana is a Certified Wholistic Rejuvenist and dedicates her time to educate, assist and develop lifestyle changes in people who desire, and are willing to make necessary changes, to achieve wellness and quality of life.

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Head 2 Toe Change

What We Do

Monthly Dietary Protocol

a. Intake Assessment

b. Grocery Store

c. Pantry Makeover

Cooking Classes

Dana cooking class with organic food. Farm to table is the key concept to rejuvenation and quality of health. She will identify which inflammatory foods to avoid it’s medicinal properties and how to identify toxic ingredients on food labels.

Ionic Foot Detox

A simple and effective way to remove toxins.

Dana Sims

Story Of Success

Dana Sims is the founder and CEO of Head 2 Toe Change L.L.C (H2TC), her vision, determination, and will makes her success story a powerful one.

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Kim O'Neal

Story Of Success

My weight loss testimonial success with H2TC under the direct care of CEO Dana Sims. I began my journey in September 2014 with the goal to loss 30 lbs or 2 dress sizes by summer. I began meeting with Dana weekly for both meal plans and workouts which then turned into 3 days per week workout sessions. I started losing weight the first week at then at an average of 2.5 lbs per week so by Christmas I was down 2 dress size and although I did not expect to loss that much weight that quick I did and was down 4 sizes and 50 lbs by my birthday (February). I am very thankful to H2TC for this successful journey and I can say that to this day I am still using the tools Dana helped me but in my kitchen tool box and am very successful in my weight and medical issues that I and my husband deal with. Thank you H2TC!!!

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