90 Day Detox Challenge to Achieve Wholistic Rejuvenation

Course Overview

        Course presented by Wholistic Rejuvenist Practitioner Dana Sims

        Special Appearances by Dr. Gloria Gilbere – Professor & Creator of Post-graduate    Courses for Certification in Wholistic Rejuvenation

        This course, MODULE ONE, is presented in 12-week segments, Tuesday evenings       at 7:00 Central, approximately one-hour in duration.


MODULE ONE: Course Requirements

  • Weekly progress reports to be emailed to Dana as to steps implemented.
  • At the end of the course, you are required to submit a summary of how this material presented helped you and benefits you’ve experienced by applying these principles.
    1. Chemical Cuisine: Do You REALLY Know What You’re Eating?
    • Interpreting Food Labels
    • Dangerous Ingredients & Their Legal Aliases
    • The Health Affects of MSG: It KILLS Brain Cells and Much More

    2.0. Benefits of Green Drinks/Smoothies

    2.1 Detox Drinks & Their Benefits

    2.2 Green Drinks for Long-term Health Maintenance 

    3.0  Household Chemicals: Identifying Toxic Ingredients

    3.1 Healthy Household Cleaning Products


    4.0 Water – Why Sufficient Hydration is a MUST 

    4.1 Calculating How Much Water Your Body Needs for Health & Detox

    4.2 Symptoms of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water

    4.3 Water Isn’t Just Wet – It’s a VITAL Nutrient

    5.0 Disease & Health Begin in the Colon

    5.1 The Center of Your Immune Defenses

    5.2 Why & How Your “Good Bugs” (Probiotics) Are Your Defense System

    5.3 Diseases That an Imbalanced Colon Internal Terrain (Intestinal Garden) Causes

    5.4 Colon Hydrotherapy: It’s Safety & Health Benefits

    6.0  Parasite Detoxification: Ridding Your Body of Health Destroying “Tenants”

    6.1 Types of Natural Parasite Detoxification

    6.2 Instructions for a Healthy Parasite Detoxification

    7.0 Lymphatic System: What is It? What Does it Do? How to Cleanse it, Where is It?

    7.1 Dry-skin Brushing: Method & Benefits

    7.2 Rebounding: An Internal “Face Lift” for Every Cell

    7.2.1 Rebounding: Increases Oxygen to Every Cell

    8.0 Importance of Stretching for Pain Relief, Flexibility & Injury Prevention

    8.1 Fifteen Minutes Twice a Day Can Enhance Your Life & Health

    9.0 The Fungus That Destroys Health: Candida Yeast

    9.1 What is It?

    9.2 How Does it Sabotage Health?

    9.3 How to Safely & Effectively Detox From It

    9.4 Dietary Modifications to Detox & Maintain

    10.0 Sugar: The BITTER Truth

    10.1 The Health Consequences

    10.2 Hidden Sources of Sugar

    10.3 The DANGEROUS Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

    10.4 The Healthy Sugar Alternatives



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